Our Practices Exceed R2 Standards
We are happy to announce that Erecycler has completed the first stage audit for Responsible Recycling Practices (R2) certification. The R2 standard is supported by the EPA for electronics recyclers. During the audit the we were suprised to find that our recycling practices far exceed the R2 standard. We had to decide if the ongoing additional costs of purchasing a certification and paying for audits was worth rasing costs to our customers. In the end we decided to wait until the process is streamlined and passed into law.

Public Electronics Collection Events at Local Churches
eRecycler LLC has worked for years with municipalities to offer collections events to various communities. Recently, we have found that some Cities are not interested in regular collections events, but the need for responsible recycling still exists. Our family of employees put our heads together and come up with the solution… to offer our collection events to Churches that are interested in extending these services to their communities. With our committed group of employees and our small fleet of trucks (big and small) we have made it our goal to reach out the surrounding communities and book morning and afternoon weekend events. All of our events have started out small and grown after just a few collection events; in fact, our largest running event collects a few thousand pounds of recyclables at every monthly event. WOW! Consider the impact of these collection events may have on your community and put in a request for an event at your local Church :)

Complete Recycling Services
While we believe reuse is the highest form of recycling, we do realize that reuse is not always possible. When we tear down computers and electronics for recycling, every part is recycled. From screws to wire, each component is sorted and recycled by our high standards. These standards always exceed state and federal environmental laws and regulations. As members of the Recycling Alliance of Texas, the Electronics Resource Recovery Council, the National Recycling Coalition, the North Texas Corporate Recycling Association, and the RBRC's Call2Recycle program, we voluntarily comply with TCEQ's TEST standards for electronics recyclers.
Erecycler can offer complete recycling services for many types of materials. Electronics, computers, plastics, ferrous and non ferrous metals. Erecycler wants to be your recycling company.

Total Destruction
Data security and product line integrity dictate that many items need to be destroyed. We offer certified physical destruction of hard drives, floppy disks, CDs, and tapes. Our in house shredders will insure your information is safe and completely unrecoverable. Small lots of drives can be destroyed while you wait in most cases.

The same processes can make sure that your proprietary products are not available to secondary, or gray markets. Erecycler has destroyed thousands of pounds of engineering samples, prototypes and rma goods. Let us design a recycling and destruction program that suits your needs.

Varied Services
Pickup Services Our removal teams have moved over ten truckloads from a single job site in one day! We are quick, quiet and considerate of the workplace while performing a removal and we receive high compliments from our customers for our professionality. Our staff takes great care during the removal process to avoid any damages or accidents that can occur when moving several thousand pounds of electronics from a location. For peace of mind, our customers have the ability to request a Certificate of Insurance for each job site we visit, ensuring that the property and our staff are well covered in the event of an incident.

Local drop off services: Customers come daily with their unwanted electronics and are helped by our warehouse staff to unload their trucks, cars and SUVs for a fast and convenient recycling experience.

Collection events: Many schools, organizations and property management companies have reaped the rewards of hosting an electronics recycling event with eRecycler LLC. We make recycling fun, educational, and simple for those that may not otherwise have the opportunity to rid themselves of obsolete electronics. In many cases, we find our truck full of spare office equipment as well, all of which is recycled to the highest standards possible! A line of complete recycling services are offered, from large corporate recycling contracts, to employee recycling programs and collection events. We have helped create unique recycling programs for cities and small businesses, alike. We are a recycling company with a simple and honest work ethic and we make it our mission to make recycling easy and accessible to all.

We want to be your recycling company, please contact us and tell us how we can help. For a list of services we provide, please click here.

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